‘Vegan Antics’ Cupcake Review: Delivery and Unboxing

After looking through the pictures on Vegan Antics’ Facebook page, I just had to order a sample for my Valentine. I spent a very long time looking through their website trying to pick which flavour I wanted to try, so to make the task easier for myself I ordered a ‘Pick n’ Mix’ batch of six. My three flavour selections were red velvet, raspberry and pistachio, and salted caramel – I say this made it easier, but once you see how many amazing combinations and choices there are, you’ll know as a cake lover that it was still insanely difficult to decide!

I have put together a little video of when I unboxed the cupcakes, as I think when you order something as delicate as cake online this is an element that worries a lot of people. Our concierge told us that the postman had put the box upside down and at the bottom of the bag, so I didn’t have much hope for how they’d come out. I was, however, pleasantly surprised!

As you can see the box is incredibly clear as to how to handle, therefore the postman’s actions were completely down to his own eyesight issues. On Vegan Antics’ site they clearly set out that although they try their best to make sure they arrive in one piece, they have no control over the postpeoples’ actions – a matter that is completely fair. Regardless of being upside down and squished by other parcels, the cupcakes survived! I completely owe that fact to the wonderful care and attention put into the packaging. Two boxes and plenty of newspaper cushioning, alongside a very sturdy cupcake case, made for complete protection. I imagine the box would have needed some serious impact to have damaged the cakes. Considering that postage is free (full sized cakes are collection only) I think this is incredible customer service, especially seeing as the postage stamp stated that it cost over £3 to post. This level of care, convenience, and customer consideration is beyond most of what I have come across before.

We will be tasting the cupcakes later today and saving some for tomorrow too, and I will make sure to update you on that element – arguably the most important!! So hang tight and I shall see you again tomorrow for the second half of the Vegan Antics’ cupcake delivery review.

With love from your BFF Vegan.



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