Vegan Food on Valentines



A lovely short and sweet piece this afternoon, here is what we had for our Valentines lunch – as gathered by my guy. Pret is such a great little place to stop at and today they had a fabulous Chef’s Special, which was beautiful! The pea and mint soup was also lovely, and as always the super green and reds sandwich was spot on.


Here are the four cupcakes left to eat after last night, although I must admit that is now three as I just had a red velvet. I’ll be posting more pictures of the cakes & a little round up of how amazing they taste later tonight or tomorrow morning depending on how late it gets – no video this time, you don’t want to see me devouring these things, not at all.

For anyone interested, we’re having a roast dinner tonight and if it looks fancy it’ll be popped onto instagram. Nothing too crazy is happening today as we’re not huge V-day celebrators, but I’m still feeling the love! This is largely ‘normal’ for us – bar the cupcakes – and it’s been a very relaxed day. I hope you’re all having a lovely weekend, and I shall be back soon!

With love from your BFF Vegan.


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