Nakd Nibbles Taste Testing! What Does This Vegan Think?

Before going vegan I hadn’t heard of or seen Nakd bars anywhere, but during the past year or so I have been faced with them every time I journey to the shops. Nakd takes up centre stage in most ‘free from’ sections, and as the country is pretending to get healthier I have noticed them at checkout and dotted around the stores just asking to be taken home. Here is my trouble with Nakd, some of their products, for me, aren’t the best tasting. But, and it’s a big one, the nice ones are so good I think I like them more than any other snack/sweet food. So when I find a new Nakd flavour I have to go about it with a side of caution, as you never know what you’ll find, will it be delightful or will it taste like soggy cardboard?

The only other outright negative I have are the pebbles/pits/hard objects that break teeth. I recently emailed Nakd about a rather large piece of grit or pebble I found in a bar and their response was as expected – corporate, cold, and lacklustre. They wanted me to send the bar and the pebble to them and told me once again to read the packaging as there is a warning and assured me that it’s all natural. I made it abundantly clear in my email that I didn’t want anything from them, so I didn’t feel the need to send proof that I hurt my tooth on the beast, I just wanted them to know that there are bars going around with huge pieces of grit/pebbles that will probably break a few teeth and generally hurt people. I don’t know what I wanted them to do, most probably at the time I just wanted an apology and some sympathy, I didn’t care who it was from, my tooth hurt and I wanted someone to know and care. Teeth are important, and although I love Nakd bars, I also have to go about eating them with a side of caution, as I do not want to experience that again.

Now that’s out of the way. Let’s get to the tasting! I’ve made a quick little video featuring the two new flavours I tried, both nibbles and both extremely different. Once again it is a ‘speeches review’, and on a side note if you can spare the time my Youtube Channel is rather lonesome and I’d love the company. Enjoy!

In a nutshell: ‘Coconut Bliss’ is a huge no-no for me, my partner loves them, but they just taste and feel like a ball of coconut oil and a hit of cocoa. ‘Strawberry Cream’ is a yes yes yes yes yes for me, and my partner likes these too, they are sweet and fruity, and have that classic Nakd nutty taste I have come to love. Nakd does nuts well, but for now I think they should keep away from the chocolate, as this wasn’t the first not so good chocolate Nakd experience I have had – although my partner has enjoyed the ones we have tasted in the past.

I have a few other clips of some other Nakd branded products I’ll be sharing soon, and will hopefully have more to try out in the future. What are your favourite Nakd products? And are there any you just can’t stand? Let me know in the comments!

Thanks for stopping by, I shall see you next week.

With love from your BFF Vegan.




2 thoughts on “Nakd Nibbles Taste Testing! What Does This Vegan Think?

  1. Regarding the grit I had the same thing and it actually looks like a small tooth…..will be showing it to a dentist to investigate

    1. I’ve not had them in a long time now, still a bit nervous of it happening again. I’ve found a few different snacks I like since then too, so I’m not missing out! I hope you get some answers, and I really hope it isn’t a tooth!

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