Life as a Normal Vegan

For today I want to share a piece I wrote at the start of my vegan journey for this blog, at the end is a screen shot of a comment from the original post that meant a lot to me, and still does. There is a paragraph I am so happy to have deleted, and that is to do with my partner as he now too is vegan and loving the cruelty free life! Also for a mini-update, my mum is warming up to the idea, she is no where near vegan, but she’s less judgemental and rude about it now! And for some amazing news, my partner’s parents are vegan now along with him, and I could not be more proud to be a part of their family.

I love hearing from you, and I love that there are so many loving beings out there helping to make this world a better place. I dream of the day that vegan becomes the new ‘normal’, and I hope beyond hope that I see that day before I leave this crazy world. Thanks for stopping by, have a beautiful weekend!

Post date: Sep 28, 2014 

In my hand I am holding a pack of bourbon biscuits. ‘Come on, please be vegan, please be vegan,’ I think to myself. I turn the packet over in my hands skimming over the ingredients, and then I do it again to make sure my eyes aren’t playing tricks on me. “They’re vegan,” I say aloud, a huge grin on my face, proving to be a huge embarrassment to my partner.

We all have those days, and I have yet to gain the super power of ultra-strong self-discipline, so every now and then I want to hold a packet of biscuits in my hands, open them, and devour them with no need for washing up.

As a small disclaimer – I never deprive myself of anything if I have a sneaky premade snack, I won’t have one less banana with breakfast, because I need the nutrients and body loving that it will provide me with. I make sure I eat enough of the good stuff to keep me where I am, and then I eat a bit more of the goodness to keep me going whilst I work on my tone and muscles – I’ll let you know when they make an appearance.

All things considered I have to allow myself to say that I do have self-discipline, and compared to what it used to be it’s pretty good. No matter how low I feel, or how rubbish my day has been I will always read the labels, I made the choice to be vegan, and I refuse to back down, no matter what. So, if those biscuits are buttery then they won’t be coming home with me.  There’s that old rule, if you don’t buy it the temptation won’t be there – I think that might just have been something my mum said once, but it should catch on.

Having the discipline to loose weight and eat 100% healthy, I can see how that could be hard for people, as it often has been for me, but having the discipline to be vegan, that doesn’t seem difficult at all. I love ice cream, really, you couldn’t possibly understand, but I haven’t found myself crying over the fact I can’t have my old favourites – and as an update here, I have found some brilliant alternatives (Almond Dream for one!). Yoghurt and milk were things I had all of the time, drinking milk was something my partner thought I’d trademarked. I know how these foods affect my body, so avoiding them almost seems like the selfish thing to do, and now I know how that food came to be and it suddenly becomes the most selfless thing to do.

My mum said something whilst we were on the phone that got to me a little, and it struck me that what she said would be exactly what the rest of the world will be thinking. It will be her birthday soon and we’re going out for a meal, the place has a set menu and we need to let them know in advance what we would like. Naturally there were no vegan options, so I said I would just have sides. She responded with this, “can’t you just eat normally for one night?” I went on to tell her that I couldn’t. You know what she said when I mentioned stopping animal cruelty? She said, “but you won’t, will you? You can’t stop it.”

It turns out that this is a lot of peoples’ attitudes, and the reason why so many people allow themselves to be sort-of vegan, or are not vegan at all. If the many people responsible for creating computers and the Internet were told that they wouldn’t eventually spread their idea all over the world, and they listened, where would we be? You wouldn’t be reading this, that’s for sure. Why is it so crazy to so many people to try to make a positive change? I agree to some length with Vegan Zeitkritik, I probably won’t see it in my lifetime, but that won’t stop me from doing my part. I will do my all to make this planet better than it was when I got here, and I will do my all to make myself better.

I have read a lot of her blog and it all makes sense to me. I have begun to see vegan as normal, so when I hear people telling me to be normal, it blows my mind. I plan to live my life as if I am the normal one, I mean, if you look at the big picture, which lifestyle looks more normal?

I will end this here, or else I may end up writing an epic.

Have a beautiful vegan day.

With love from your BFF Vegan 

Screen Shot 2016-02-26 at 14.19.33
HSV was the first version of BFFV!

4 thoughts on “Life as a Normal Vegan

  1. Just yes! Such an awesome post. If enough of us are determined to make veganism the norm, one day it will be. A lot of people have no idea what’s going on and don’t really think about where their food comes from. Educating them and making them question what they’re contributing to is the key. That’s my hope anyway. xx

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