Whoops, well that’s life!

Hello! For anyone who read my post schedule, you’re probably wondering where this week’s posts are. As for why I haven’t been able to post, or at least offer something more than this little update, you can thank life. When I say life I mean a certain person or people  who have accidentally, or not, made life harder than I expected it to be this week.

I could rant, but I won’t. Instead I want to apologise for my tardiness, and promise that I will be typing my fingers off over the next couple of days to make sure that I have my three weekly posts ready for next week. There is a lot going on right now, but I want to be here and be present, if not for others then for myself.

So, for this week’s v love post I am going to be retweeting and sharing inspirational activism around my social media. If you’ve got any questions, or been having any struggles this week, get in touch and I will make time for you.

Thanks for stopping by, and I shall see you in more detail next week!


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