Vegan at Pizza Express 

Did you know that students get a massive 40% off at Pizza Express on a Monday and Tuesday?! I only just discovered this, so of course I had to go and make the most of their generous offering. We didn’t eat in, but the waitress who served us was accommodating and friendly.

We are happily stuffed, and will definitely be going back in the future. The Pianta (vegan) pizza was beautifully made, and the dough balls were just what I hoped! As the garlic butter is not suitable for vegans we asked for this to be swapped with a tomato based sauce and they prepared it for us without any bother. 

All in all it was great. I could write more, but I’d just be saying how tasty it was over and over. And to finish this little review: Note to self, ask for no chilli next time! Talk about hot! 

See you later! 


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