REBLOG: Dismantling White Veganism

For many readers who have never ventured into intersectionality this article might at first raise defences, but I would ask that you allow yourself to take in what the author is saying and open your mind to their words.

There is a lot more I’d like to say on this subject, as although it isn’t vegan education as such, it is incredibly important to keep discussions such as these going, however I am incredibly tried right now as it’s almost 2am!

Thanks for reading, let me know what your thoughts are on the subject of mainstream veganism and the criticism made in VVOC’s piece.

Goodbye for now!


Veganism in and of itself is the practice of abstaining from the use and exploitation of animals as far as practical. Veganism rejects the mainstream narrative that animals are here for us to use in whatever way we choose, from dietary consumption to attire to experimentation. It is a rejection of the carnist and speciesist mindset and calls for justice and liberation of animals.

White Veganism is a reference to mainstream veganism—which is, undeniably very white, narrow, one sided and ignores intersectionality. It aims to expose and erase the invisibility of oppression on other animal bodies to the masses, while simultaneously ignoring and being silent about the very visible injustice and oppression of black and brown bodies, femme bodies, or differently-abled bodies. Sometimes even utilizing the history of oppression on Black bodies and other oppressed groups as a tool to promote veganism.


15027707_1141804989190843_7233080348202095249_n_ink_liIf the collective goal is to end oppression by…

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